Fixed Asset Management 4asset is a unique, new, homegrown, locally developed system created specifically for the purpose of managing the financial and physical aspects of your assets. It easily integrates with existing financial systems via common data loading files. This essentially means that 4asset can plug into your existing financial environment and manage your fixed assets for you. 4asset’s user interface is web-based and will allow you to securely connect to your data from any location you choose.

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Database Management Every business application is reliant on a stable and secure database environment, whether it is your financial system or another line-of-business (LOB) application. The business challenge in securing this environment lies in the fact that your database is not safely locked away. It is accessed and modified, directly or indirectly, by every single business application user. Organisations want sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools to provide protective, detective, and corrective controls on the databases managing their Financial and LOB systems. 4audit is the answer.

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Intelligent Process Automation 4flow is an Internationally Acclaimed Process Automation Solution 4flow improves company performance and efficiencies, by driving operational excellence and business agility. Business processes require monitoring, automation and auditability and individuals interacting with these need insights for decision making. 4flow provides these abilities using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to digitally transform your business processes.

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Integration With Cloud I On-Premise, manage your integration with ease: The integration between a company’s remote systems and partners’ systems is one of the biggest challenges in today’s dynamic IT business environment. The database structure going in to the back office is often not the same and as a result, valuable hours are wasted trying to map the bi-directional flow of transactions. 4integrate is no longer limited and it now provides a mechanism to interact between multiple systems on different platforms. The need for cloud integration is obvious, and is why we have incorporated modern web technologies and standards into our 4integrate 2021 Framework. Full CRUD support using Web API and JSON with ODATA query language is now fully supported.

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Communications 4talk provides companies with the peace of mind of productivity gains, enriched communication, increased transparency and better focus on work.

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Asset Verification 4verify is a unique, new, home-grown, locally developed system created specifically to verify existing asset registers or to create a new register from scratch.

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Ransomware As the leader in Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX), we go beyond managing threats. Rather than focusing on perimeter defense, our preventative approach focuses on blocking the exfiltration of data from your devices. Our enterprise data privacy software prevents threats from disrupting your organization and dramatically reduces the risk of a data breach. Multiple layers of defense against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing and unauthorized data collection and profiling help to protect your organization’s data privacy and security while strengthening your regulatory compliance.

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Certification & Training ISO9001:2015 Awareness Training This training program is designed to provide an overview of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard. The training covers the key concepts and principles of the standard and the benefits of implementing it. The program is ideal for employees at all levels who need a general understanding of the standard and its requirements.

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School Management Solution Welcome to education 4.0 Add up the number of hours a day you spend on management tasks, multiply by the number of working days and confirm all the time, and money, that you are spending on a process that can be automatic, digital and free of human error. Parents don't have time nor availability to go to the school? Do you spend too much time finding more effective ways to communicate with the school community? Take the school to them, simply, naturally and without additional effort to the school.

Seamlessly Implement Conversational Automation Redefining Customer Experience Debt Recovery isn't as simple as collecting money owed. No financial situation is the same, and negotiation is often necessary to recover unpaid balances. Sofia Multi-Channel Collections Agent Proactively reminds customers on upcoming payments due and follows up on overdue payments through digital channels of engagement such as Whatsapp and other messaging channels & voice.

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